Anonymous: I know you said you don't fuck with Ouija boards - do you have any personal experience with them?? I tried when I was little (6th grade) with my friend (a white girl of course) and it said my friend who supposedly drowned was actually murdered. So I threw it across the room and haven't played since then lol




freshman year my friend’s suite mates were playing with the squeegee board and all the lights on that floor shut off, and they were locked in the room for a goodninute before anyone could open the bathroom door to their room

I wanna fuck with a Ouija board

Me too lol

Were mexican we don’t do that shit

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No se preocupen porque beba o porque fume, disfruten de su vida, la mía ya se consume, ya se consume entre cuadernos rotos…
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She can slip a smile that make a nigga flip wild

Viktor Vaughn( MF Doom)  (via enter-the-putang)

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Hasta la fecha no hay amor que me deprima, pero tengo el corazón más roto de como imaginas!
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